As Fur Ambassador for Marc Kaufman Furs I am delighted to bring exciting news of the latest cutting edge innovation by this fashion forward fur couturier. Marc Kaufman Furs in association with Nobline Switzerland has produced the first ever series of 24 karat GOLD infused mink fur coats. As ever, Marc Kaufman Furs paves the way with totally innovative and cutting edge Fur Fashion.

This new fur process marries the beauty of fur and the opulence of 24 karat gold. OMG 24 karat GOLD MINK?! Talk about the ULTIMATE in DECADENT INDULGENCE, Pure Luxury!

Each Gold Mink Coat is one of a kind, completely individual and unique. Each of these rare gold mink designer fur coats retails for 195,000.00. The popularity of these exotic 24 kt GOLD MINK Coats among fur connoisseurs and the celebrity elite is turning the GOLD MINK FEVER into a Fur Fashion Phenomenon!

Since 1870 Kaufman Furs has been designing luxury furs, fur coats and fur jackets in the epicenter of the FASHION WORLD – New York City.. so of course they are well versed in the art of FUR FASHION. 

Kaufman Furs is world renowned for their luxurious furs and high-end craftsmanship. Their fur coats are favoured by many socialites and celebrities. Some of their most famous fur couture pieces include jackets, coats, and strollers made of mink, fox, sable, lynx, and the finest chinchilla.. and now the first ever production of the 24 karat GOLD infused MINK Coat!

Contact Marc Kaufman Furs at Marc Kaufman Furs Online and join the Gold Fur revolution! Mention MY name when shopping in store, over the phone, or to Marc Kaufman himself and receive 10 percent off any fur purchase. Naturally this is the perfect opportunity for you to SHOP FOR ME. Click HERE to view My FUR GUIDE and find out what furs I am looking to add next to MY LUXURY FUR COLLECTION!

Visit: Marc Kaufman Furs NYC, 212 West 30th st. NYC NY 10001

Call: 212-563- 3877

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